Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Op Shop treasures

Not an Op Shop treasure but a latent treasure - these are the buds on the little self seeded kowhai tree - in quite the wrong place of course but I do not care if it grows over the lawn and I have cut back the nearby bushes to give it room to grow.  I'm not even sure if it will bear the weight of a Tui should one decide to have a meal!

I have been spending a lot of time in my sewing room - trying to get some order into the chaos!

I know it didn't happen overnight and I shall only rectify the problem one small step at a time - maybe I should put on blinkers then I wouldn't get sidetracked.

I have been checking out my tops - in the US I believe they are known as 'flimsies' and organising backs for them.  I came across one back and I can't for the life of me remember which top I made it for........

Here are some more of my sewing tools -

Top left is a brass thimble & needle case, underneath it beside the golly is an aluminium case advertising Coca Cola; the yellow box holds little cotton reels and a needle threader and the green & gold tube to the right holds needles.

The quilt - which was featured in the NZ Quilter magazine, was a happy purchase from a second hand shop in Lower Hutt - sadly no longer there.  All they could tell me was that it came from a farm in the Hawkes Bay.  I wish I could find out more.  I think that it was a kit with the felt applique pieces cut out - the maker put on the kiwi.  It has no batting but is backed with curtaining.

These next are tea cosies -

The top two are purchases and the crazy patchwork one at the bottom was my sample for teaching beginners at Onslow College night classes in the eighties!

The last is a hexagon top I bought from the Sallies; it was machine stitched very roughly onto a pink poly sheet, so I took it off and have very intention of finding something more suitable for it.

I have never seen a hexagon quilt stitched together quite like this - and do click on the photo to enlarge it to get the full beauty of these fabrics -

Your eyes do not deceive you, that is crimpelene, and the black and tan would be unforgettable, here's some more

and another

I love the sheer exuberance of this top!

I have been reading more of my Girl Guide diary - even then I wrote in it most days.  I went to the cinema a lot, no TV of course and in the village we had a cinema and in the next town, Chichester, where I went to secondary school, there were three  and they all changed programmes three times a week.  I must check out "It Happened in Flatbush" my comment was that it was stupid and a waste of money!

The thought for week 1 was "A little 'ginger' is good for all of us." which would have resonated with me as my nickname was Ginger!!

Talk to you again soon, thanks for stopping by

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