Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Billy and classes

I thought you might like a close up of the "man servant", named with gusto but a decided lack of originality - Billy.

You will note that he is very much his own person and quite happily sports an ear-ring!  This 'flower' is actually a bunch of quilting patterns but seemed made for him - and a perfect match to his corrugations! 

He even wears his maker's mark -

I have spent some time in my sewing room these last couple of days trying to find suitable fabric for one of the Shut-in Stitchers.  She made the classic mistake of loving some very distinctive fabric, piecing it to a cot size and now wanting more to enlarge into a single bed size but nowhere can I find any in my stash and there was nothing at the prison either - dark, saturated colours with lots of black, sort of like a batik.  She has made some fabulous scrap quilts so this time it will test her ingenuity to come up with a solution - or we just wait and see what comes along!

The name Kaffe Fassett conjures up beautiful colours and patterns and I believe he visited New Zealand earlier this year.  I was lucky enough to go along to his class the first time he came here.  We received details of the class and the sizes to cut our fabric; I felt his recipe was a bit on the clunky side so cut my pieces smaller, my colour scheme was based on one fabric I liked - I even invited friends who came round during the week before the class to add to the pile from my stash, so I had a good amount to choose from.

Here I am at the class [concentration is making me hunch my shoulders - but I like my haircut!]

The 'starter' fabric is to the left of the deep red nine patch, and here is the finished flimsy, called "Moonlit Garden"

This next quilt top is from my five inch squares class, the smaller version of postcards - as the baby quilt was that I showed recently - and they send me photos of little Amy enjoying floor time on it.

A work in progress, there are always so many flower fabrics among the five inch squares - oh and the belt above the quilt was an Op shop find and my granddaughters love it with all its sequins.

It's called "Butterflies in the garden" and yes, once again a batik ties it all together.

My last show and tell for this evening is one I made from 'starters and enders' joining squares - I just loved the fabric I chose to separate the panels; not a batik this time but dig those crazy patterns.

Sorry I seem to cut off the top which is a repeat of the bottom - and I am sure you will agree I had to call it, "Bordering on the Ridiculous!".

We are heading for an election I think, so maybe we should take note of today's thought - "Those who govern best make the least noise"

Thanks for stopping by, nice chatting with you.

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