Sunday, 29 September 2013

Spring, slide and stars

Doesn't this just say spring?  Beautiful daffodils - and an uncertain sky, photo taken by Phil a week or two ago on a trip into the Wairarapa.

And slide - well this I think is another example of a quilt in waiting,

while the view down the slide makes my stomach flip, even now!

These were taken, by Phil, of course at Island Bay in the playground - and how about the tunnel?

Almost a halloween design?

At a recent meeting of Pinestream Quilters there was an amazing display of work - this one took my eye as something far removed from quilts I make, I forgot to ask what the inspiration was.

And now, a blast from the past - another of the blocks/techniques from my Five inch squares class; the sew and flip method of making a star - I love this one -

I like the idea of using this block, dotted through the background of all dark blocks - the stars really pop.

The method is tried and true, two strips at right angles -

draw a line for the first line of stitching, then I always stitch another towards the corner - far enough away to give safe seam allowances, then cut between for the extra half square triangle.

This results in a very scrappy quilt but one that works providing there is sufficient contrast in value.

The Woven star is another block that works well with this technique -

I have been doing some actual stitching, my Mile-a-minute is a completed top - and I've chosen the backing too!

Three rows joined to the left and the backing, almost large enough on its own.

A fair amount of sewing went into this top! - and all because I wanted to use up the bits left over from when a friend cut out hexagons......

In the end I added another row so this is how it ended up -

and I still have a bag full of strings.......

I'll leave you with another sunset - taken at  Palliser Bay recently - you can't have too many sunsets! and the thought, "The great thing about getting older is that you don't lose all the other ages you've been", Madeline L'Engle

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Nancy J said...

Super sunset colours, and over the water a perfect shot. Strips in quilts, there are always some left over. maybe another quilt later on ??? Cheers from Jean.