Saturday, 7 September 2013

I blinked and a week passed!

Once upon a time the weeks were so long, so here's a moment in time captured by my son Phil one evening in the city when there were some strange, low clouds around -

The building is the old band rotunda on Oriental Bay - notice the lack of wind!

We had a very busy morning at the prison yesterday, our newbies are enjoying making their "miniature" quilts, one of which will be used by a pet dog.  I asked for and was given permission by the maker of several tops to share them with you; I had taken them along to the meeting in Lower Hutt last week where they were much admired.  It takes a while to accumulate a variety of black and white which are much in demand.

The outside border was donated by Sue Burnett and I think it is the perfect finish.  There will be more to share next time.

The technique from my class this time is the pinwheel.  I remember years ago the difficulty the class had in understanding that for a pinwheel, the orientation of the half square triangles must all be the same in order to get the desired result

I chose to mark the back of one of the squares with a diagonal cross

and then stitch from the centre to the corner, each time to the left of the marked line.  I know it is also possible to get the same result by sewing around all four sides of the square and then cutting, but I avoid bias edges where I can.

You can see the line of stitching, and then when opened, they are all the same

which makes it much easier to get this result in a more complicated version of a pinwheel

as in another flower block, the size of the centre square for the partial seam dictates the size of the extra rectangle.

On a recent visit to the alpaca farm I saw this sign

Can't help thinking there are many children who would consider this a good outcome!

I took up my knitting needles during the week, at the request of my granddaughter who wants a hat, the needles were huge and not easy to handle but the yarn was beautiful - and I wasn't the only one who thought so -

and my quote today is by Joseph Wood Krutch, "Cats seem to go on the principle that it never does any harm to ask for what you want."

And to close, another photograph taken the same time as the first one, but on top of the band rotunda with the houses on Mt Victoria in the background.

Nice talking with you, thanks for stopping by

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