Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Spring could be a little late this year....

This was in the 'Rapa a couple of weeks ago when we were in the middle of winter........ now they say there's another cold snap coming so we enjoy the good weather while we can - not to mention the marvellous scenery,

I went to the supermarket this afternoon, I was in the carpark when the large earthquake struck recently but happily today all was well, though the check out ladies were quite happy to exchange memories.  I thought it very wise of management to put up this notice -

I can attest to the fact that the aisles had been covered with displaced grocery items!

I went to Pinestream meeting last week, Yvonne was the speaker telling of a visit to the USA for a family wedding and her quilty side trips, most enjoyable.  There was a great show and tell of members work and one in particular took my eye -

My sincere apologies to the maker, I've mislaid my note - but what appealed was the fact that the whole quilt had been designed very cleverly around the small print fabric.  Note to self - improvement is needed with the photography of quilts! it's obvious my son doesn't get his talent in that direction from me!

There are reasons the next photo might not be perfect, it's of a quilt made by a Shut-in Stitcher which was to be given away at the weekend so we were given permission to take it outside and photograph it in the prison grounds - and of course, it started to rain very softly......... but we are all so proud of this, only the second quilt she has made.

We had been saving fabrics of the right colour for ages until she had enough, the centre has been embellished with beads - and get a load of that free motion quilting!  Here's the back

We don't usually advocate the use of velvet but this was given to the Shut-in by the person who  was to receive the quilt; she did so well under difficult circumstances I think, don't you?

And what's on my design wall - something very me I think, I showed the blocks from crumbs that I was enjoying putting together, so here they are

I shall drop alternate rows and use the pink fabric; it's long and skinny because it's for the hospital in Ethopia where they are training midwives and we have been asked to make the quilts and blankets 40" by 70".

I still have enough for a smaller quilt - I got carried away stitching in my cosy living room with a dvd on the television and the kettle/teapot handy!

Maybe I should make a few more and completely empty the box!?

I mentioned my intention to make some biscuits, well this week I picked up my younger granddaughter from school as I do one day each week and she offered to make some for me!

They are called Scroggin lunch biscuits and were from an Alison Holst recipe I think.  Delicious.

To close here's another photo from the "Rapa" - courtesy my son Phil of course, there's something about avenues of trees, isn't there?

And a thought for today - "Don't find fault, find a remedy." Henry Ford

Nice talking with you

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Nancy J said...

Please pass on my congrats to the wonderful stitcher, my favourite colours, and a super design.it is a quilt to be so proud of, and I'm very sure whoever receives it will treasure it forever. great pics too. Cheers from Jean.