Saturday, 24 August 2013

A foggy day........

Not in London town though, right here last weekend, on Saturday as I left home to drive to the prison on the other side of Wellington I noticed that although Petone [where I live] was in bright sunshine, all around were thick clouds.  Son Phil went out along the Hutt River towards the hills and found this beautiful scenery.

Maybe the person who wrote this sign for the local supermarket was feeling a trifle foggy  -

As I've said before, "a rose by any other name........

The block for sharing this time is a way of using five inch squares to make an I Spy type of quilt set as a window - attic or otherwise!

To achieve this I gathered a pile of bright squares with themes to appeal to children and chose red and yellow as my strong contrasts for the frames -

I took two of the squares and made eight half square triangle blocks with them as I did for the Hunter's Star block I wrote about here, taking extra care as the squares are smaller.  Whatever size your little hst turns out is the size for the frame, so put the windows together like so -

If you squint at the blocks you can see that you do get the right effect and the fact that the red and yellow are not the same fabrics as the frames, does not matter - imho!

And what's on my design wall at present?  Well, both sides are covered - one with the results of attacking these scraps

A friend 'borrowed' some floral fabrics and when she returned them I pounced on the small pieces and started putting them together with some strings of sort of the same colours........

They are ending up at eight and a half inches - then decision time, how to put them together.........

If you're out this way, do call into the Dowse and enjoy the Home Sewing display -

There are dresses from flappers onwards, with full stories of the people who made them - so many of the styles and fabrics are familiar to me and brought back memories of the days of dressmaking, before quilting of course!

Much more to share, but it will have to keep for another day.  I'll close with another great photo taken after the fog had cleared

And with this quotation from Mark Twain, "I don't give a damn for a man that can only spell a word one way".  Did he have me in mind?

Nice chatting with you,

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Nancy J said...

love the "wonky blocks" design, and great colours together. We had no fog, but are getting some super sunsets. Hope all is Ok with you, no more shakes for now. Greetings from Jean