Saturday, 13 April 2013

Wellington, Wonky log cabin and Waitomo

I just have to share this with you, another of my son Phil's photos taken very early one morning at the waterfront in Wellington.  The statue is by Max Patte, "Solace of the Wind" [2008].  On the subject of Phil's photos he has recently set up a pics site, if you are interested in seeing more (do I sound like a proud mother?, well I am!)

I seem to remember saying that I had used up all the thin strips - well, I was mistaken!  I was looking for a particular pin cushion and came across another bag of pale strings - I wonder what brilliant idea will come to me for these?  Talking of pin cushions,

Here's a selection of the "apple" variation.  The top, red one I bought at a quilt shop in Singapore on a stopover there on the way home from visiting family is Kotakinabalu.  Well, it was red, the base still is but the good old kiwi sun has toned it down!

Do you have a collection of pincushions?

Now this is another UFO - not sure if I will ever do anything with it.  I got this far at a class at the Symposium in Hastings in 1989 - what a great time we had there!  Such great hospitality - remember the huge crate of apples, free for the taking!  I quite enjoy the blanket stitching but I think I was the only one in the class who took several different fabrics - fussy cutting is too wasteful anyway......

And wasn't this the Symposium, Yvonne, when we managed to take all day to drive back to Wellington?  [4 hours max according to my husband]  We bought some beads somewhere on the trip, mine were autumn coloured - surprise, surprise - and weren't yours pink and blue?

Some time ago I shared the wonky hexagon log cabin that I hand quilted, well when I started piecing it I used light and dark fabrics - then changed to light and medium when it seemed too harsh.  I discovered the partial blocks recently, and decided to complete them.

Here's a detail -

I decided to set them in vertical bands of light and dark

I decided on a dark border and found this gorgeous fabric in my stash -

It seems to echo many of the fabrics in the quilt top - and as for the bottom right, well I did say it was wonky!!

The quote I want to share today resonates with me - soon I shall post a photo of my garden, complete with head high nightshade and a carpet of weeds broken by paving stones! - "Nature is a good economist; note the blades of grass which make use of the cracks in your concrete path." PK Shaw

And the very last "word" is a photo, long exposure, taken by Phil near Waitomo

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