Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Squares and Surf

I just love this photo, taken by my son, of the surf off the Wainui Beach.  I'm not quite sure what causes all the froth - but what amazing patterns - I see free machine embroidery and beading to do it justice.......

Here are another couple of pin cushions, the first is canvas work; I used a cross stitch pattern

and worked one petit point stitch [or half a cross stitch] per square.

The back was done in the same stitch but using variegated thread and worked in uneven quarters on the diagonal.

The second pincushion is part of a stitching kit - possibly of use in an emergency but I don't think the scissors would be very sharp!

Oh dear, the wheel looks a trifle wobbly!

The class I used to teach, Sewing Outside the Square, was based on getting the best use possible for all the charm squares I had acquired over the years.  I was constantly looking for blocks to adapt for the squares and a very basic one is the square in a square.

I used a 3" centre square, cut the 5" squares in half and using a partial seam, surrounded the centre.  I decided to put the squares on point and was fortunate I had a couple of batiks for the setting borders.

The edges are untrimmed - here is a detail -

Some variations on this theme,  this one using a bright multi patterned fabric for the centre,

And this one using more fabrics and a more subtle effect

There are other variations of this block, but I'll show just one more, this time a miniature version, almost a stack and whack -

Because they were made using 5" squares, they had to be cut into three strips, each at one and five eighths inch !! There is also some wastage and the block needs squaring up after rejoining the pieces.   I think I would prefer to move up to six inch squares!  anyway here they are from the class, I sewed a few together and will probably do a few more and turn it into a table runner for Christmas.

I mentioned my Venetian Dream quilt a couple of times, it's giving me some angst - I asked a couple of friends for their comments which crystalised what I was feeling - so, after some major unpicking I'm feeling happier.  Tomorrow it's on the menu to be ironed and resewn.

Now, to close this evening, here's a photo hot off the camera - I've just received this from my son.  Funny, as I came home late this afternoon from the dreaded supermarket [chocolate was the carrot that got me there!] I noticed the beautiful clouds and changing light and wondered where he was.......

Back to the Wainui Beach....

My thought today, thanks to Anonymous - " The average amount of sleep required by the average person is just five minutes more."  I can so relate to that!

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Nancy J said...

That block is a great design, the untrimmed quilt stunning, almost colourwash, love the colours together, Super beach photos, greetings from Jean