Thursday, 3 January 2013

Front and Frog

A few days ago we had some weird weather - well, let's be honest the weather in Wellington has been weird for weeks - anyway, there were lots of warnings about a front approaching from the south - that means cold winds here in the Antipodes.  My son had gone over the hill to the Wairarapa and in case he hadn't heard the warnings I sent a text about the front..... [I know, it's time I stopped trying to mother him!!]

This is what he was photographing which meant he had to run off the beach to avoid being drenched.  What glorious colours!

I have been enjoying some piecing after I came across this amongst my fabrics - which I think is another tray cloth

I did rather wonder if one of my sons had produced it at school but they denied the suggestion, as did my granddaughters, so possession being nine points of the law.........  I decided to use the block called "No seams match",  which I have used in the past to good effect.

I found several fabrics amongst the vintage scraps that looked good - but had an oops when I ironed one - look at that shrinkage!

I found other fabrics to use

In case you haven't used this block before, there are five squares each with a rectangle on one side, three of these are joined alternating direction and the other two units have a long strip along one edge to complete the block.  The last time I made this block I used lots of different fabrics but this time it seemed to go better using a limited number.  The blocks were the right size in height so I added a couple of strips of vegetable fabric to the width.

 I then auditioned various fabrics for the border and finally selected a simple two colour

Everything not used then went into a pieced back

I think it would make a fun table cloth - just needs putting into a sandwich and as Mrs C reminded me, tying is often more than enough.

I shall close today with another of my glass pin cushions, which bears a startling resemblance to Stitch, the character from the Lilo & Stitch film.  I think I bought it in Carterton, ages ago - wonder how old it is?

Did I mention that I used to play golf? It's one of the only two games I can really be bothered watching nowadays, the other is cricket [yes, well......for those non locals, our national team is having a few problems at present ] if pay tv would let me I would just get one channel to watch both games,  - anyway, I had to stop playing when I had an ankle injury and I'm now so unfit I couldn't bear not to be the good player I used to be [or thought I was!]  This is leading up to the quote for the day - "Sports do not build character.  They reveal it." by Heywood.

Thank you for all your comments
Take care and we'll talk again soon


Nancy J said...

June, your pin cushion is delightful. And the squares, well "anything goes" might fit that design, it all looks so good. Cheers from Jean. p.s. always a mother!!! Me too!!!

Linda said...

Great way to frame up that tray cloth. Lovely vintage fabrics. Your pincushion is just the cutest. Love it!

Yvonne said...

Absolutely stunning photo June. Thanks for sharing.

For those who don't know, June was a talented golfer for many years. She captained the New Judgeford women's team to win many a tournament. As well she was also a winner in the club championships.
It was a sad day when she had to give the game away!

However all is not lost as her talents are now focused on making wonderful quilts.