Friday, 11 January 2013

Churn Dash and Cross Patch

How's this for giving a lie to the theory that Wellington is always windy!!
No, I lie!  This photo was taken by my son from the Petone Beach using time lapse - makes the sea appear so calm and almost milky.

I thought I would share with you another block from my class for five inch squares.  I have been tidying up the sewing room [again!], re-folded the pile of twenty two tops with their backings waiting to be quilted :) also re-folded the vintage yardage and put the larger scraps into one of those fold down mesh bags sold in chain stores because I thought I might use those for a Cross Patch quilt.......

This is the block

I've seen it as a quilt, set on point and it was most effective.  One weekend I was at a Retreat and across the room I saw a friend cut little squares and little strips to piece this.  I thought there must be an easier way, so I suggested she sew the strip onto one side, cut it in half, resew it, sew on another strip cut and resew - you know, she just sat and looked at me as though I were speaking a foreign language.

My friend, who was a lab technician, sat down and drew up what I had just said - and I use that page as my instructions to this day!

So, take the square, in this case an eight inch one and sew a one and a quarter strip along one side -

Measure in from the raw edge, in this case four inches and slice parallel to the strip,

Sew this piece to the strip - the observant among you will notice the fabric miraculously changes colour!

Sew another strip along one of the sides at right angles to the first one

Again, cut four inches from the raw edge and resew the cut off piece onto the strip

Bingo, it's changed colour again - and this one is actually made from a five inch square, using a three quarter inch strip

I'm toying with the idea of using white with the vintage, so many of them have white backgrounds - or maybe different colours, and I haven't yet re-folded the pile of tops without their backings, but I did sweep the floor which made the whole place look good!

I've always loved the Churn Dash block and one weekend I dug out a pile of dark, plain fabrics scraps and had great fun putting them together.  I remember how enjoyable it was to hear Roberta Horton talking of the Amish quilts when she visited NZ many years ago.

It's also been many years since I last made any sort of New Year's Resolution, but I remember vividly when this thought hit me with great relevance - "Only I can change my life.  No one can do it for me." Carol Burnett.  

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Jenny said...

22 tops you say? I'm really impressed that you have the backings all ready sorted for each and every one of them.
I can't say how many UFOs I have, they are all packed away in storage!