Thursday, 15 March 2012

Spuds and slides

As it happened I didn't need my wellies and it was overkill to use the big garden fork - wouldn't you know I managed to spear one of the er um larger potatoes.

To put my harvest into perspective, the container is five inches by four!!

But they were delicious! boiled gently with a little salt and a large sprig of mint.

I'm sure Leanne will appreciate my enthusiasm for the home grown and realise I am not in competition with her 'garden tails'.

The bathroom renovations are progressing - I now have a laundry tub and am so looking forward to using the large shower box - still a few days off as yet.

I think I mentioned that I have joined a Book Club and have also discovered ebooks and Fishpond and was delighted to see a copy of Mister Pip at a very reasonable price - I have been meaning to read it for ages.......

Such an attractive cover but isn't it sideways?

It's a Flip Book!!  I am sure I saw an item about them on TV recently and now I have one - it's only a bit larger than reading on my iPhone - at least with this variety of book I shall know when the end is approaching!

I have put a border onto the railfence/jelly roll, I wasn't actually looking for one but getting something else out of the cupboard and this jumped out at me -

The slides in the title are of the photographic variety; I have spent ages sorting through many years of slides.  Sadly quite a few have deteriorated so they are useless however I still ended up with over five hundred so during the week I high tailed it into Wellington to take the slides to Image Lab where they were very helpful, so before long I shall have easy access to much of historical value! well, to our family, including slides of building a retaining wall after a slip when we lived in Roseneath.  I shall no doubt bore you will some in the weeks to come.

Do you want a present for the friend who has everything? well, how about this little gem from the December 1st, 1949 issue of Australian Home Journal?

Well, it looks as though this will have to wait, according to Blogger I am out of my free space for photo storage - first I have heard of this, so I shall have to look into it and hope I can get back to you.  If anyone else knows what is going on, perhaps they could email me - it could possibly save a lot of time.

While I was in town dealing to the slides I called into Minerva and found a fascinating magazine called "Artful Blogging" Visually inspiring online journals - I can see I shall have to set a LOUD alarm once I start checking them out.  I also found a pack of cards of Forgotten English and today's little gem is - "after all this housework I am completely forswunke" - exhausted from physical exertion.  And I am sure we all know a few tirelings - people who are easily fatigued by physical exertion!!

Have a good weekend, nice talking with you.

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