Thursday, 23 February 2012

Builders and Botch-ups!

It seems ages since I last blogged and this picture is neither about the builders or the botch-ups - mine, I hasten to assure you, not the builders - I felt I wanted something bright and cheerful and positive on top of the blog, and here it is - my glorious Orange Monster!

It is so appropriate that the builders are converting my bathroom at the anniversary of the Christchurch earthquake - I now feel a decided empathy with the people - not that my deprivation can remotely be compared with theirs, but getting up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom now means, slippers and robe on, unlock the back door, take the key to the sewing room, cross the decking being careful of timber and other aliens in the way, unlock the door, negotiate around ironing boards and the spare dryer to the toilet - mission accomplished reverse the procedure back to bed - all the while trying to keep my eyes closed so I can fall back into my bed and into the arms of Morpheus.

My little bathroom is slowly taking shape - at one stage this is the sight of the corner where the shower used to be -

But enough of dust and dirt and noise - I have finished my Wonky Log Cabin - whoopee.

I enjoyed hand quilting it, though it has taken much longer than I thought - probably because I kept finding other things to do in the evenings........ and I readily admit the stitching is nowhere near as small as other quilts I did twenty years ago - I can't run as fast either!! but as a friend pointed out, we can still wear the same earrings!

I tried an arty photo of the quilt, draped over one of the seats moved off the decking - and yes, that is my iron bath in the background!

As for the botch-up, well I decided to put a quilt sandwich together ready to machine quilt.  I had a large piece of Warm and Natural and was trying to cut a piece the right size for the baby quilt - when somehow I managed to cut the top -

I think it must have been folded over and caught under the batting - anyway, I am auditioning 'stick-ons' to cover it -

I like the star shape but it is too dull ......

So maybe a heart -

Or the other side -

That's a bit dark, so perhaps something brighter -

Yes, I think that's the one - catch a falling star maybe?

I have made more blocks of the four patch and plaids -

Some of them are looking a bit stark to me so, you see the 'ribbon'? that's a piece of calico that I dyed with tea and I think I shall make some of the blocks using that.

There's much more I want to share, but enough for now, thank you for your encouragement.

Back soon


Leeann said...

Oh there wouldn't be enough beeps to cover the bad words if I had cut my quilt. I do like the orange star though. I used to have a pale yellow version of your orange monster in a previous garden. I think you can get hot pink too. I have no idea what they are called but they're lovely.

Linda said...

Your wonky log cabin is wonderful! I love it. I would love to make something like that someday.