Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Teapots and tidying up

How's this for a teapot tree?  I couldn't resist the look of these in another great Jackson Street shop, Coffee Creation - I really couldn't justify another teapot, though I am very tempted by the look of the orange pot with the metal lid and how about some of their other crockery?

You couldn't be down in the mouth looking at these - and I did get some good advice about the kind of coffee that might suit me, and it does.  They have lots of other goodies, teas galore and nibbles too.

I am getting into the very bad habit of late to bed and late to rise but I did get up early Friday morning to get my nails done -

I found it so difficult to photograph my own hand - see the pinky waving with the effort?  Anyway, it's in an attempt to encourage strength in the nails and stop the splitting - having paid good money for this result I will put gloves on when doing the dishes and gardening.  No more of this hanging out the washing and oh dear, look at the weeds, I'll just grab a handful or two........

There's been quite a bit of talk lately on Kiwiquilters [the online quilting group] about tidying the sewing room, getting things organised etc. which I also do from time to time.  One day I came across a pile of half rectangle triangles that a friend had given to me.........  I started playing with them and making them into blocks -

Some I kept separate and sashed them, others I joined - without having to be precise -

I then put them all together, sort of flowing the colours across the top, and used up the last of the hsr in the border -

At the moment it is the photo I use for wallpaper on my computer - so I can enjoy the many favourite fabrics in it!

When last I posted I was working on the second rectangle of vintage plus pale blue after I cut far too much up into three and a half inch strips - well that is a complete top

It fought against every border I tried, so it doesn't have one; I have also pieced a back plenty large enough in case the situation changes.......

The day before yesterday I found a pile of fabric, can't really call them blocks.  A sort of "what on earth was I thinking of" pile  - I remember making them, four patches in several sizes and they were supposed to fit together............. however they break my now golden rules of scrap quilts which must either have good strong dark/light contrast or stick to a colour scheme - see what I mean

What a mish mash!!  But I am too mean to throw them away - and no, the women in the prison would not be interested! so I shall attempt to put them together somehow.  Watch this space!

I have been indulging in my Jane Austen dvd collection.  I love the Sense and Sensibility film with Emma Thompson and Hugh Grant, then I watched Andrew Davies' BBC adaptation which was different but just beautiful and I loved the settings.  I am now almost finished watching another BBC production, dramatised by Alexander Baron which, imho, falls far short of the other two.  Of course, this now means I shall have to re-read the book!

Harking back to my comment about throwing away the four patches, the thought for today from my diary is, "Waste is a crime."   Maybe I paid more attention to these saying than I realised!

 Great talking with you.  Thank you for the encouraging comments.



Lisa said...

Ohhhh I feel a trip to Petone coming on just because of that photo of the teapots. DH has recently decided he really does prefer a pot of tea and we don't have the perfect sized pot (well we do, but it has a very large crack.

I love the soft colours of the first scrappy quilt and they way they flow across it. Great job with the scraps ;o) Isn't it funny how other people's scraps look so different from your own?

Lisa said...

PS I forgot to add that the 2nd scrappy quilt reminds me of childhood prints from the 70's. If only I had some of those dresses to cut up and make into to quilts.

Sandra said...

I will definitely go and visit that shop in Petone - had not heard of it before =) Love your scrap quilts, I have quite a few bags that could be turned into lovely scrap quilts, just need the time... =)