Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Golly Gosh!

This block is one of the delights of a woollen quilt I bought several years ago from a second hand shop in the Hutt.   All they could tell me was that they got it as part of the contents of a farmhouse in Hawkes Bay.

When they were small, my granddaughters thought this was a spaceman.

The whole quilt, actually not a true quilt as there is no lining, is backed with what appears to be curtaining fabric.

I would say it was a kitset but the maker then added a couple of embroideries of her own - one is this kiwi!

There is also a Father Christmas -

 Together with a Christmas tree, decorations and presents -

And the last two I want to show in detail are a dutch girl -

And lastly a little doll of a girl -

So here's the whole thing - I do wish I knew more about who made it and who was it made for.....

It was featured in the New Zealand Quilter magazine some time ago and we so hoped someone who knew about it would see it and get in touch.  Anyway, it has found a good home with me!

I have found time to do some stitching.  I finished piecing the red/black/white blocks, went through the scraps to piece one more and am presently sewing them together - the wind blew many of them off the design wall so they really will be totally random when joined as well as when constructed!

There had to be one mistake, didn't there -

and I did unpick and correct it.

This is a pleasant block to piece, I use the method of making flying geese with the large square and four small ones.

In my tidying up and scrap sorting by size to start with  - I'm not sure if I can face colour sorting as well at this stage, I came across a pile of small squares - obviously samples because they are all plaids and stripes.  I have vague recollections of getting them, possibly on one of my trips to the UK when my nieces took me to some bargain type places.

Anyway, I love using squares and am at present wondering about a sixteen patch with an unpatched plaid..........

Just an idea, but it has possibilities.........

Oh, and to close please some assistance - what is this plant?  it's another bird borne freebie.

I thought at first it was borage, but has no strong scent to the leaves - I had to prop up the flower as its natural position is bending over.  Isn't it lovely?

The evening is young yet and I intend to continue hand quilting, the end is in sight, and I have many TV programmes on the hard drive to watch and skip through the adverts - that way I get to watch several programmes in the one evening.

I think I shall look elsewhere for some quotes, my Girl Guide diary is somewhat uninspirational - and not particularly funny either!  Today it reminds us that "Success requires pains and brains".

Nice talking to you, and welcome to my new followers.



Cottage Tails said...

Just catching up with your blog, wow you have lots of scraps. I like Quiltville's method of keeping her scraps.

I'd pick that plant as borage.

Love Leanne

Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...

Hi what a fun quilt! Lots of creative thought here.
I'm pretty sure that's a borage plant.

Sandra said...

Definitely looks like borage to me - my sister in law puts it in drinks =)