Sunday, 12 July 2015

Log cabins, wood and winter

Viewed from Kau Bay, Wellington the hills are decidedly icy looking - or as the weather forecaster says several times a day, bone chilling - and he's right.  This is how I like to view snow, from a distance or through double glazing.  Photograph taken by Phil a couple of days ago.

Log Cabin is one of my very favourite quilting patterns, particularly those made from scraps as this one was -

This quilt was made several years ago when we were allowed to take a camera into the prison, and that's the classroom where we still teach [without a camera!] however cameras were allowed in recently to show the latest class,

an officer in uniform and the baristas teaching - the blonde in the prison uniform........ all part of the Reducing Re-offending programme.

As you can see from the list alongside my blog, I like to follow several quilters from around the world and Kevin the Quilter has been one that took my eye when he was part of the big American campaign to make quilts for veterans, he's also keen on scraps.  Well this was one of his photos that appealed to me -

There was also something very familiar about it, which set me to searching through old photographs and reminded me of a comment made by a friend who was very experienced in both quilting and embroidery - don't think you've invented a new pattern or way of doing something, you just haven't read the book yet -

This quilt top was made about six years ago by one of the Shut-in Stitchers who was so enthusiastic about scrap quilts.  Her idea was for black and bright in a log cabin setting - I think she did pretty well, don't you?

Talking of log cabins reminds me of this great photo taken by Phil down south while one of the Hobbit films was being shot -

Just the sort of tree for goblins and elves to inhabit!

After teaching on Saturday at the prison, three of us went for lunch to Kaizen, the coffee shop at Pataka Museum complex in Porirua; there's always something interesting on, this week it was Wood Turning.  My late husband enjoyed working with wood, whether it was putting up shelves, doing alterations or turning on the lathe; I have many beautiful platters and bowls he made - as have several of our friends.

The first item on show that caught my eye was a quilt pattern - well, ok, patterns that quilters and others have used -

Mariner's compass and baby blocks in a beautiful jewellery box.

I continue to stitch the scraps into Mile a minute - but will call a halt shortly - I swear there's more fabric on the table than when I started.

I'm enjoying watching the dvd of Suits too - or rather having it on while I sew, the beauty is that if I miss something I think might be important, I can always back it up.

Greetings to my new follower, A Passion for Vintage Textiles - how could I not follow her blog, she lives in Canada, used to live on the south coast of England, and loves vintage textiles!

I'd better get to bed, office work in the morning, so I'll leave you with another view of the snowy hills, and the thought 'Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time as come". Victor Hugo.

This photo was taken from Lyall Bay across the harbour, definitely not the weather for a ferry crossing!

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