Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Sky Tower and Sand dunes

Son Phil is in Auckland at present and here are two photographs he sent of the Sky Tower, for non Kiwis, this is the iconic landmark of Auckland.  I think they would make a good starting point for a quilt class - something familiar and then distort it!

First the familiar - this view taken from Albert Park -

cleverly placed so it appears to be growing out of the gazebo.
The second one was taken right there in the city - but reflected in the glass windows -

Full of possibilities, don't you agree?

Recently I went to the meeting of Capital Quilters, it's held in the local school hall and often has interesting things on the walls.  They must have been studying recent history -

Some familiar images but sobering to realise that the period of my school days is the subject of study in the schools today - it's probably not a history lesson though, more social studies which was unheard of back then.

Also at a recent quilt meeting [I belong to three Guilds] were some quilts by Sandy, the queen of scrap quilts; I particularly love this one -

the mixture of piecing and applique works so well.

Back to Capital Quilters and their block of the month - very American I think, maybe because of the red, white and blue..... though it's given the french name spelling...........

Once again, I think this quilt would look extra good on point.

I need to take another photo of my latest scrap quilt, the one I took is too fuzzy for some reason, but I do have the final cut of my Rainforest, made a la jellyroll; I couldn't decide how to finish it, almost cut it in half and made two small quilts but at a friend's suggestion we unpicked the outside three rows and I put them on the top and bottom.

That photo's not the clearest either, however you get the general idea.  I need to get it sandwiched, quilted and off to join the others going to Ethiopia - a project of Pinestream Quilters.  Maybe I'll think of another name too.

I'll close with another photo from Phil's road trip - this time the sand dunes at Bethells Beach -

The people in the distance give an idea of the size!

I'll leave you with this thought, "We live in a rainbow of chaos.  Paul Cezanne

Now back to my hand quilting, we'll talk again soon.

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Karen Jones said...

Beautiful shot of the Sky Tower June. Love the scrappy quilt too.