Monday, 28 October 2013

Hard disc, hatchet and 7 am in Hagley Park

You can be pretty sure that anything happening at 7 am does not involve me!  Here's a self portrait of my son Phil when he visited Christchurch last week; he was working so not a lot of spare time but as his hotel was opposite the park, he couldn't resist taking a walk.

Do you know the administrator password for your computer?  Well, I don't, and that's why I've been searching the hard drive and the internet, google and apple - everything I could think of, even ten year old books!  Actually I thought I did know, but the machine doesn't like it, does a little wiggle and won't let me install the latest upgrade, grrrrrr.......

Apart from that, things are going well; Basil is accepting his new diet after being diagnosed with thyroid problems - slight difficulty with Floyd not being on the same diet - though he goes in for a check up tomorrow and I shall ask if it would harm Floyd to eat the same food.

I am progressing, albeit slowly, with the hand quilting of my white and bright string quilt - and I have tidied my sewing room.  Found more bits and pieces that made my fingers itch to start sewing them into another top, but I'm being strong and will finish the one I've started.

The block from my class is another version of the Sew & flip technique, it's just a question of using quite large pieces.  To the basic five inch square I used a 3.75 inch square -

You can see I used the dark red for the centre strip, four of the completed blocks look like this -

The strong diagonal makes for lots of variations of setting, and the resulting half square triangles are a good size for another quilt!

I've been enjoying watching the Aussie series, "A Place to call home" which is showing here on Sunday evenings and set me looking out my old Australian magazines, the Home Journal which were given to me by a friend.  I was still in the UK at that time - I just love these covers - the first one from 1954

And this one

from a few years later, the year I arrived in New Zealand, by which time the magazine had had a make over and a big hike in cost!

So, here's another photo from the south island, taken on the way down to Christchurch with a storm approaching near Kaikoura

And the thought today - with relevance to my battles with my hard drive - "Anyone who isn't confused really doesn't understand the situation", Edward R. Murrow

Nice chatting with you, be back soon.........


Lisa said...

Oh I love "A Place to Call Home" - so many layers. I love the clothes too... especially the nurse's blue cape.

Sorry to hear about your computer woos. Hope you find a solution soon


June said...

And I've just twigged where I've seen Grandmama before, she was the Superintendent in City Homicide - which I also enjoyed.
Thanks Lisa, I think I'll try re-booting with the start up disc........wish me luck!

Millie said...

June, there is no generic adminstrator password. Whoever set up your computer created it.

good luck,
Lynne (Millie is the cat)