Sunday, 17 February 2013

Sunrise and more strings

Sunrise under the Petone wharf, can't you just hear the gentle lapping of the water?  As a confirmed night owl I rarely get to see the sunrise, but I do appreciate the beauty of the early light.  You can just see the ripples where the southerly is coming across the harbour - photo courtesy of my son as usual.

I've done more with the string pieced blocks I showed last week, had such fun playing with them on the design wall -

I decided the arrangement on point wasn't right, so

All soldiers in a row? - not really - alternate the blocks then?

Maybe alternate them in rows?
Maybe some more symmetry?
But the corners didn't look right, so

I decided I liked that, so found a border to set it off -

I've been playing with the bright strings and white - will share that with you later.

During the week I was in town [Wellington] and took a short cut on my way to a favourite coffee bar when I came across this building -

Do click on it to enlarge - the tiles and wrought iron are amazing.

Here's a very elegant tea cosy from my stash of treasures from the Op Shops - I'd be too scared of staining it to use it!

Here's a close up of the stitchery

And to sign off this week, we'll go upstairs as it were, and look at what is happening at sunrise on the pier

I don't know about the early bird, but one looks as though it's still asleep  - and you can see the ripples getting closer!

Having regard to the latest world news, I think the thought today is quite apt - "It's hard to tell if the world is actually growing worse, or if the new coverage is just better." Joe Moore   !!

Thanks for stopping by and for your comments, they mean a lot.

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