Thursday, 22 December 2011

Quilts, cats and earthquakes

This is another 'decoration' that stays up all the time on my bedroom window cill because I like the way it reflects and refracts the light - and get a load of the little mosquito houses at the bottom!!  That's what I was told they were when I bought them on my memorable trip to Canada all those years ago.

I collected the office mail this morning and dealt with a couple of things, then off to the bank and on the way drop off a few things to Vinnie's.  Would you believe it, I bought a women's magazine last week - first time for yonks - because it had Jim Hickey on the cover and he is a favourite of mine; I got my copy of the Listener in the mail yesterday, together with - you guessed it, a copy of the same magazine.

I often mention my design wall, and show many works in progress displayed on it - so here it is unadorned -

The covering is one that used to be available by the metre and was stuck on by the builder who made it when the studio/garden shed was built.  I copied the idea from another quilter friend, it is double sided and on wheels so that its secondary function is to shield the stationery cupboard that holds my fat quarters -

You can see there was once a sort of system of colours or types, like conversation prints or pansies.....

Something that has proved popular with the Shut-in Stitchers has been panels.  The first one has two panels joined with an interesting use of striped fabric.

The next was a piece of highly coloured curtaining, so it was bordered with complementary colours and quilted for a successful child's quilt

That wavy line is on the Bernina machines we use and is much liked by the women.  The photo was taken in my garden, being held by a couple of friends.

In a much more subdued colour scheme is one of my tops made using some odds and ends of mostly vintage fabric, inspired by the one that looks to me like a gendarme  -

Here is a close up - see what I mean

I am taking an awfully long time to hand quilt my wonky hexagons, but sometimes there are difficulties -

I put my needle down for just a minute - but that was enough for Floyd - he has me well trained!

We are not going into the prison tomorrow - not our choice, we were informed that quilting has been cancelled until January 14th - but I shall get up early and get into the supermarket.  I did intend to go after I had been to the office, but all I did was drive through the carpark which was packed solid then came home - and worked in the garden so it will be early to bed for me tonight.

 I am sure all our thoughts are once more with the Cantabrians suffering through more earthquakes.  While I write this I am playing the music on my computer, and the song right now is Bruce Springsteen - My City's in Ruins........

Nice talking with you,

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Cottage Tails said...

Floyd has life sussed!
Sue love your fat 1/4 & design wall.

Love Leanne